Sarah Caswell

Hi, I am so happy you have come to my website.  My name is Sarah and my passion is for helping people find ways to empower themselves.

Massage and therapeutic treatments are a wonderful way to nourish your body and soothe your soul.

Please call me for a free 20 minute consultation and we can discuss what treatment you may like.  I offer lots of different packages so together we can work out what will suit your individual needs.

If you know what you'd like please call me and make an appointment.

 I love making fresh juices, being out in the fresh air and practicing yoga, but also believe that one of the best therapies is to be around people who inspire you and make you laugh.

You have to live your life in balance and not limit yourself, enjoy the diversity that life has to offer.  Have fun, eat chocolate (raw home-made is best!), enjoy a glass of wine (organic of course!) and don't feel guilty if you missed your exercise class this week. Just get yourself back on track to so you continue to feel amazing !

One of my favourite quotes is "People think too much.  Get them to laugh and most of their troubles and sickness will go away and the blessed herbs will do the rest.

I also update my website each season with new information so please come back to visit.

I work very closely with our other practitioners so I can refer clients or offer other suggestions.  My therapies are not a replacement for medical advice and I am very respectful of the medical profession, so please inform your doctor of any complementary treatments you wish to receive.

The benefits of maintaining low stress levels and the importance of a healthy life-style can really help you relax and enjoy full vitality.

Sarah is a qualified Holistic Therapist, specialising in Maya Abdominal Massage Therapy.  She is CRB checked and is halfway through her Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training course.


 For more information or to book a treatment or spa party please contact Sarah Caswell on:

 Telephone 07801 491012


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